Last hope we had for justice was lost…

last hope we had for justice was lost on the 27th of May, 2019 by the unprecedented action taken to recuse himself from delivering the judgement of Wilpaththu Case by the Appeal Court Judge Mahinda Samayawardhane.

The case against 9 respondents including Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Badiuddeen Case No CA WR 291/2015 field by centre for Environmental Justice පරිසර යුතුකම කේන්ද්‍රය in 2015.

we being laymen who are ignorant of law and who have been very often told that ‘Ignorance of law is no excuse!’ therefore we are forced to imagine that the judge in question may have done the unprecedented act in this nationally important case, has done so, because of some very good reason which of course we are not prev to know.

However, we are surprised and saddened at the news which never gave the reason for the judge’s decision.

In the absence of a reason we can only imagine!

Were the judge and his family under threat and duress?

Is the judge ‘One of those judges who governor Asad Sali said was involved with the Muslim Extremists?

Was the judge offered an unprecedented benefit by the interested parties?

Was the judge a part of the Western Conspiracy to defame our judiciary with a view to strengthen the lobby for inviting the foreign judges to participate in our judicial process?

Was the judge hellbent in indulging in contempt of court to settle some kind of score?

Is this judge purposely trying to drive a wedge between Sinhala & Muslim citizens by demonstrating that Muslim Minister is all powerful to make the judges commit unprecedented acts to safeguard the culprits like in the case of trying to influence the Army Commander to release suspects?

Does this mean that People like Rishad Badiuddeen can get what they want by hook or by crook whatever the law of the country says?

We cannot forget Rishad Badiuddeen going Scott Free after the ‘stoning’ the Courts during last government of Rajapakshas!

Wilpaththu Case field in 2015 and due to be concluded on the 6th of August 2019, the cost of court’s time and people’s money to conduct the case for almost 4 years, is no doubt enormous! who has given the right to waste public money in this fashion?

Imagine! the additional cost of money and time to freshly hear the case!

throughout the case the AG’s role was questionable as the AG was always highlighting the humanitarian aspects ignoring the huge and permanent  environmental damage cause by the project.

Can anyone even imagine that this type of miscarriages  happen in a judicial system which justifies the setting up of special High Courts by Act of Parliament to speed up the hearing of selected cases against selected people?

‘Justice delayed is Justice denied’

Lady of Justice, Goddess Justitia! Are you only a Greek Roman Myth?!


June 2, 2019