The London Museum is holding originals of the Tripitaka and Hela Auwa which British claim it was purchased for a fee during colonial rule.

However, the Tripitaka is the essence of Buddhism and it should be with us to continue our philosophy and not locked up and slapped with modern intellectual property rules which did not exist at the time of purchase. 
While the British may say it is of antique value – what good is it for any party that cannot read a word of Pali and not interested in continuing the world’s most compassionate and non-violent philosophy. 
These books associated with Tripitaka and Hela Atuwa must belong to the State of Sri Lanka and to the Theravada Buddhists (the purest form of Buddhism) 
Please be kind enough to assist in highlighting the importance of the GoSL and the Buddha Sasana Ministry officially reclaiming these texts and making them available to the Buddhists of Sri Lanka and the Theravada Buddhist world. 
There will also be a requirement to have legal opinion regarding the British stand of intellectual property but given that this is Universal Knowledge concerning a foremost scientifically proven religion, the British must empathize with our request. 
Please be kind enough to help with this national service and to the future of Buddhism too with metta

Shenali Waduge