UN troubles waters for fishing in Sri Lanka!

The Daily Mirror on the 14th of May, 2019 published a statement claimed to have been issued by the UN , concerning escalation of violence in Sri Lanka.
The authors of this statement are UN special Advisor on Prevention of Genocide Adama Dieng and special Advisor on Responsibility to Protect Karen Smith.
Thy have highlighted growing acts of violence in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka.
I quot the special advisors noted; ” …a recent spate of attacks against Muslim and Christian communities in Sri Lanka where the majority are Buddhist.”
What do they mean by emphasizing that the majority are Buddhist?
Since they failed to find any substantial evidence of Buddhist involvement, the advisors have tried to imply th Buddhists are involved and slander the Sri Lankan Buddhists by including a sentence which reads as follows;
”…advisors noted a recent spate of attacks against Muslims and Christian communities in Sri lanka, where the majority are Buddhists.”
You can see the venom of the advisors and their plan to put the blame on the Buddhists and bail out the terrorist to clear the path of intervention in Sri Lanka militarily.
What is this ”Responsibility to Protect” or R 2 P?
This is a kind of a US agency which advices the Secretary General of the UN of collective international responsibility exercisable by the Security Council authorizing military intervention as a last resort, in the event of genocide and other large scale killings, ethnic cleansing and serious violation of law which sovereign governments have proved powerless or unwilling to prevent.
The so called UN advisors who were none – existent when the Jihadist Muslim Fundamentalists killed more than 250 innocent people of Catholic, Christian Faith, Sinhala, Tamil races and foreign national have just sprung like the ”Jack in the Box” of a magician and talk about the risk faced by religions minorities only!
How about a word against the Jihadists?
The so called UN advisors who haven’t said a word against the terrorists are now advising the government to ensure the alleged attacks and also past attacks of similar nature be fully investigated and perpetrators brought to justice. Their ulterior motive of interfering in the country’s affairs is hidden in the offer to support the government in improving interfaith and inter religions harmony.
Their main objective is to officially interfere in the country’s affairs as precursor to Western American intervention in the same way they did in Arabian Spring.
The advisors conveniently forget the fact that Sri lanka has always being a country of racial and religious harmony due to Buddha’s teaching of tolerance. It appears that advisors are not only ignorant of the history of the country but even ignorant of the current affairs as the have regrettably missed the opinion expressed by his Eminence Malcom Cardinal Ranjith, the head of the Catholic community in the country emphasizing the role played by Buddha’s teaching of ‘tolerance’.
UN advisors have sought to remind us that Sri Lanka has a pluralistic society and all communities and those communities of different faith have the right to freely exercise their religion and to live in peace and securely in Sri Lanka as recognized by the constitution.
Easier said than done!
When one minority after almost 1000 years of co – existence, in the recent past trying to indulge in certain practices intended to isolate themselves from larger society and creating Potential Scare among the other races in the ”pluralistic society” like wearing Burkas which the majority of Muslim society endorses is not a religious need.
UN advisors!
How a magician in Burka disguised as ‘Fathima’ the Holy Woman attempted to kill Aladin is known to all those readers of ”Arabian Nights” which was written more than 300 years back?
My dear UN advisors! why not advise them too?
May 15, 2019