US-mouthpiece & Western neo-liberal economy promoter M. Moragoda through his US-funded Pathfinder organization is presenting US-proposals for SL to implement at National Security – National Foreign Policy and now National Economic Policy level drawing a bunch of Yahapalana supporting entities including the former Governor of the CB who was former VP of Pathfinder now returning to his old job.
Are these entities out to ruin the good name of the leaders that the People of this country voted to power and bring them into disrepute by launching detrimental and destabilizing policies that are all part of pivot to Asia and MCC land take over and the continuous of western capitalist hegemony?
69m voters will always protect the leaders that united the nation from terror and that strength is enough to be their defense against anyone trying to undermine them or country.
The covid-19 has shown us the wrath of nature when people go against nature – globalization has proven a failure and we cannot have economic policies drafted by western-funded govts to take us back to a path that is a known failure.
We are in a good position to reposition our economy placing agriculture at the centre and refocusing our farming and becoming less reliant on importing everything under the sun and start innovative productions locally.
The scale of innovative thinking and ideas has emerged as a result of being usurped from our comfort-zones and pressing us against the wall to come up with localized ideas. It has brought to surface wonderful ideas and innovative concepts that our people are all praise for. People’s talents and competencies have also become highlighted where a sample set of know-it-alls have seen fit to only ensure their dominance prevailed.